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Tips on How to Create an Attention Grabbing Profile

The trick to finding your soul mate online is to have a profile that stands out.

Here are 5 important tips:

1. Your heading should spark some curiosity. ex: I'm Wife Material, No Commitment Issues Here, I Seek My Better Half, Its Time to Get Married. Stay away from typical statements "I work hard and play hard." "I'm attractive and smart."

2. Always up… Read more

Please be careful of Dating Scammer

The different faces of the criminal activities.

Laundering crooked money scam.
You are promised a large commission on a billion-dollar fortune, persuaded to open an account, contribute funds and sometimes even travel to Nigeria.

Next of kin scam.
Tempting you to claim an inheritance of millions of dollars in a Nigerian bank belonging … Read more

Emails that scammers use

It is safer to use the live chat, which only works when members are logged on. It is safer to use the messages on this site. It is also safer to use our live conference chat, where you click on the headset icon (located on the im chat )and it would provide you with a phone number. This number is safe to dial it does not show your phone number to the other call(s). You can s… Read more