Emails that scammers use

It is safer to use the live chat, which only works when members are logged on. It is safer to use the messages on this site. It is also safer to use our live conference chat, where you click on the headset icon (located on the im chat )and it would provide you with a phone number. This number is safe to dial it does not show your phone number to the other call(s). You can speak to the person that you are chatting with, without giving up any phone number(s).
When members become comfortable with each other it is advisable to exchange phone numbers like cell phone numbers. It has become unsafe to exchange emails addresses.
List of emails used for criminal activities, pretending offers like winning notifications, commission for money transfer or just dating scam. Do not show any scammer this list! Online Dating Scammers who find themself on this list will change the own identity by using new email-address. Use this list to protect yourself and your friends from being scammed!

A (Dr JONES ELYON ) (Alex Solomon) (GEORGE PHILLIPE) (Ahmed Omar) (Adebayo Peters) (Andrew Morgan) (Australian Lottery Inc.) (Annette Richards) (MAXWELL STAKE INC.) (Amob� S�ko Philipe) (Alex Smith) (Alex Smith) (William Robert) (Adam Adams) (Awudu Ahmad) (Ann Philip) (Anne Smith) (Alex Ojo) (Dari Fleming) abdullahassan (Abdulla Hassan) (Aluwa Debe) (LOTTO NL. INTERNATIONAL) (andriana murguia) (Awuse Mark) (Alicia Harry) (Abba Johnson) (Alimatu Arnoud) (Farms Alimatu) (Anitapeters) (Aicha Mainassra)

B (Dr. Beke Wetaego) (Musa Yakubu) (James Bach) (Alex Ojembar) (Jones Obi Chambers) (William Robert) (Barry Henry) (Sandra Bratson) (Bruce Williams) (Mark Donald) (EuroMillions Lottery) (Ben Hammed) (Sandra Bamba Idris) (Blessing Mpka) (LOTTO NL PROMO) (Benedita Bugiba) (lusi44) bola_fun56 (Buba Jonnson) (Anita Peters) (binta, binta200) (becky, becky200) (queen23) (tobelove) (slavebeatrice) (Bola Johnson)

C (Charles Osadebe) (Charles Osadebe) (Dr.Casmir Poyh) (Chime Shedrack) (FRANK HARRISON) (Chinos Koneh) (AustralianLottery) (cynthy4u) (Cynthy Odyly) (lovegirl) (Williams) (Cynthia William) (Winx Lotto International Promotions) (Cutemee Olagoke) (Charlie Oesterline)

D (Dr JONES ELYON) (Don Obi) (Dr. Frank Marcus) (Don Obi) (David Rany) (Chuck Saleeby) (Mike Simon) (Mike Simon) (David Johnson) (Richard Ezehem) (Palmer Smith, Eva Tom - LOTTO NL INTERNATIONAL PRIZE AWARD DEPT.) (George Moore) (David Okon) (Nene Diatta) (Leobert Jacomo) (Debora Hunter) (Anthony Dove) (Debby Johnson/debbycounton)

E (Evans Morgan) (Amob� S�ko Philipe) (Elizabeth Ellu) (Australian Lottery Inc.) (Debra Wealth) (Elvis Amstrong) (Ekwoanika George) (Eveline Jonathan) (Euro Millones Lottery Award) (El zaidi Ali Mabrouk) (Euro Millions Lottery) (Emanuela Udura) (Esther) (Edith Utazi)

F (Frank Desmond) (Fufu Manga) (Adel Faith) (Faith Kone) (Faith Kone) (Frank Dike) (Frank Dike) (Fredrick Tiko) (faith williams) (Fatima) (Firomina Josef) (Faith Williams) (Benitta Donko) (Patience Kemeh) (Faith John) (faithbino) (Faith Akamba)

G (Smith Nancy) (GRACE ADAMS) (GODWIN ADO) (Grace Upeh) (Greg Morrison) (GUMSU ABACHA) (George Ebi) (George Sanoussi) (Geogil) (honestlybaby) (Gladis Kumah) (keepgrace grace1010) (Gladysbabe4u) (timi2k7)

H (HSBC Bank ROBERT NARTE) (Halbert J.Delmar) (happness) (Hellen Koneh) (omonogoldenheart)

I ( Evans Morgan ) (Irish Lottery) (Iru Dunu) (Joseph Chau) (INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS) (John Williams, LOTTERY) (Oana) (Irene Johnson) (Irene Williams) (trustlysandra)

J (Jennifer Panda) (Juliet Godwill) (Jeff Mog) (Janet Jonson) (JAGO TAYLOR) (Janet Jonson) (John Koffi) (Dr. Jerry Hadida) (Joy Gukama) (John Uwalaka) (JOHN BAYES CHAMBERS) (Jessy Hodges) (Jacklin Morgan) (John Morre) (Joy Yerima) (Joyce Tomas) (JOY EMMA) (JACKLIN MORGAN) (Jane Mupesa) (John Larry) (George Benneth) (JURGEN GERSTNER) (Jonathan Wogumatin) (Julie Mendy) (Joy Williams) (Jane George) (Joy Koneh) (juilbaby) (Hallie Jack) (Justina) (phill4u utazi)

K (Kelvin Felix) (Kingston Wayne) (Amina KEITA) (Ketrin Lbua) (Kumba Kusomba) (Kwasi Kumi) (Kusomba Kumba) (DR KOLA DEVIS) (Ekaterina) (Kelvin Brown) (Nancy Khalifa)

L (Peter Fisher) (Luis Leocadio) (Leo Willian) (Lilian Richard) (Linuser Jack) (Linuser Jack) (Linda Princess) (Linda Omar) (Kimaeva Lioudmila) (Lisa Doudou) (POWERBALL INTER LOTTO) (Lena Mpka) (Linda Yuko) (Elena Lenusik) (Sender of virus, spyware and trojan) (Aliya Mazmanyan) (Laddi Omar) lillian_fred1985@yahoo

M (Sabirath Gyalla) (Mariam Hentges) (John Wilson) (Mary Williams) (Mark Bill) (Evans Morgan) (Hassan Abu Fahad) (Martin Babalola) (Mary Mark) (Martin Babalola) (Hassan Abu Fahad) (Villaran Nenita) (Sara Maria Akin) (Richard Cole) (Adebayo Peters) (Pascal Obinna) (Matti Vikas) (Poliki Kate) (Mrusman Bello) (Mayor May) (Euro Millions Lottery) (Martins Jubril Graig) (Matilda Koffi) (matilda) (matild) (Carol Mario) (Monalisa Copewell) (Dyke Edwin) (Mary Kone) (Mike Simon) (Maryam Abacha) (Barrister Marcel) (Marie Ahmed) (Olga Sychova) (Robert Mark) (Richard Ezehem) (Alhaji Mohammed Abacha) (MonicaMpka) (Mark Bill) ( (Martina Nkaje) (Maryvin Nmadu) (Marthias Dube) (Mahimouna Brou) (Anna Mercado) (Shuan Jessy) (JOHN ABOH) (marykone) (mable kabila) (Mirabel Johnson) (Kingsley Williams) (Michael Bill) (gloria4u) (thelma77)

N (Nadezhda) (Nana Boateng) (Nene Diatta) (Ami Ngoni Sani) (Nuora Idaah) (Nora Bakuba ) (Nancy George) (nimotaduike) (natterabey)

O (UK NATIONAL LOTTERY) (Lekan Olagunji) (Olivet Douglass)

P (Musa Yakubu) (ELLEN CUI) (ELLEN CUI) (Peter Okocha) (Peter Edward) (Charles C. Soludo) (Ann Philip) (paul williams) (Pamila Mark) (Philliphs Harry) (Patience Nkaje) (Prince Zull) (Peter Richardson) (LOTERIA PRIMITIVA) (Pamela Bricks) (Patsy Agyeman)

Q (Quincy Mbaye)

R (Mary Mark) (Thomas Douglas) (Lotto Van Pierre) (Remi David) (Rebeca Pedro) (rita hawel) (rita hawel) (Rose Joann) (Rose Adisa) (Rose Mabou) (THOMAS DOUGLAS) (THOMAS DOUGLAS) (Irina Vasileva) (Rose Koffi) (Rosemary Mane) (Rosemary Mane) (Rechel Ebe) (Hasu Patel) (rejoicebaby) (Rose Kuffo) (Christina Samuel) (Rosemary Johnson) (Rita Balla) (Rita Idoma)

S (Sabirath Gyalla) (Safi Feddag) (Larisa Sosnitskaya) (SUSAN SHABANGU) (Sandra Dickson) (Chuck Saleeby) (Senator Ken Nnamini) (Sarah Johnson) (Sandra Kone) (Sandra Benard) (quiclotteryinfowinner) (Salah Haaziq) (Alhaji Shettima Mohammed Bulama) (Silvana Spencer) (Silvia Dunga) (Kate Veldhuizen) (Staatsloterij international) (Sabina Nkaje) (Sadasivan Kakalure) (Sandra Okuta) (Silas Koffi) (Sike Panco) (Shirley Gate) (Sella Williams) (Cristina Orjuela) (Susan Logan) (Shandy Smith) suzzyx06@yahoo (oluwaseyi) (shellyfine) (mariamtijani) (Sheila Braine alias Sheila Kess) (Suzzy or Suzan Sangare)

T (Peter Edward) (Teresa Bunkall) (Elizabeth Ellu) (Teman Gallas ) (Teman Gallas) (Teman Gallas ) (Titus J.Morris) (Tony Adams) (Tina Khalifa) (Tessy Mbaye) (Tessy Dogba) (Titina Orjuela) (tania44) (Tony Ken) (TundeSK alias Tunde)


V (Evans Morgan) (Vivian Bamba) (Vivian Karefa) (Vivian Karefa) (VIVIEN PETER) (DE NEDERLANDSE STAATSLOTERIJ)

W (Wumi Abdul) (Allex Williams) (William Chax) (Walter Sisulu) (Walter Sisulu) (Walter Sisulu) (EuroMillions Awards) (Linda Williams)



Z (Zhang Wu)
Ghana Dating Scammer

Hello mail me back!
I'm a 28year old (birthday is Christmas Eve ) Black African female, single , no kids, 5-8 ft tall, 128 lbs., black hair and fiar colour. I live in the capital city of Ghana - Accra, which is along the coast of Ghana, and have been studying science biology full-time student for 3 years at the University of Ghana trust me, I love sweets so if u are intresed to talk to me then add me to
Suzzysosu12 alias Trustlady, Priya (birthday is september Eve ), Vicky.

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Scammer and Spammer
To get an idea whats going on in Nigeria, just watch this video: Scammer Hunting in Nigeria. The list have only those spam-emails which are not allready listed on other spambiter-sites. We hope that will help some people out there. If you did not found the scammer you are searching for, just try a related search with google or msn. These guys are changing the email-address very fast but usually had left some footsteps on other sites already.

Sweetheart Scammer
SWEETHAERT SCAMS play upon your heart, your mind and your nestegg. The con artists use various forms of manipulation. It is one of the most difficult crimes to prove and prosecute. Don't be exploited, abused and neglected by well known gypsy scammer.

Do not allow that someone use your love and trust in order to steal your money. They claim to love you, would marry you, take care of you, start a business with you - and all you had to do is provide the financing for everything. They disappear overnight or just walk out on you after you ran out of money. They refuse to pay back any of the money they receive, claiming that you give it to them willingly as a gift.

Don't be another victim of a sweetheart scam - a growing epidemic of fraud that is fueled by the anonymity of the Internet and the laxity of law enforcement to prosecute when a "friend" steals from a friend.

Sample Letter posted from an Online Dating Scammer
Hello out there,
Hi dear I do hope that this mail of friendship introduction finds you and all around you in the most perfect states of health, ok. Believing you are fine and living pretty good, Nice to write you coos your profile caught my attention . I wish to be your friend, for friendship cannot be seen or even be touched; but it must be felt within the heart. I do very much believe you will feel same way. Wow, friends are like clothes, without them we feel naked! I guess am right? My names are Charlottee d Walker, I do sure will reach you more about myself, my family and all that maybe necessary with our knowing when you deem it fit to get back at me. However, if this interest you get back to me through my email at wishing you all the best in life and a divine blessings. Hope to read back from you at your most convinient hour, ok.
Charlottee Walker
(Posted 09/27/2006)

Sample Letter of a russian Online Dating Scammer
I looked your structure and it has liked me and I wish to tell that would be glad to learn you better but unfortunately I badly know the Internet and I can not often visit it! Therefore I leave to you the e-mail! I hope that I too to you shall like also you to me will write! I shall wait for your letter. Katya.
(Posted 10/11/2006
username: Katrinchic)

Online Dating Scammer from Ivory Coast
I am Amina Traore 20 yeasrs old from Ivory coast. Am tall and in fair in complexion ,am loving, romantic and caring angel. I gone through your profile. truely is quiet intresting to me then , i decide to contact you. i really want to have a good relationship with you. Beside i have a special something i want to discusse with you , so your can reach me through this Email Hope to hear from you soon. i will send my beautiful pictures to you and also tell you more about my self. I know age will not be a bearier to our relationship, what i need is just your love and caring. I will give you my best, bye for now. Love from Amina.
posted: 05/10/2006,
nickname: 4maina4t

Sample Letter of African Scammer
Good day to you my dear,
it pleases my heart to email u this message which i believe will meet u in good condition of health. My friend, frankly speaking i am a young lady of 28, who had seen hell in a relationship that i kept myself for 2 years and 10 months without going into any serious relationship being that i felt all men where unfaithful, heart brokers and liars but i got to know it that there are still good men here in this wicked world after a very good friend of mine got a lovely, caring and res�nsible man through the internet. I was so thrill that i decided to go search for my true man waiting for me right there. My friend , searching the profile, i found u and i was so happy and thrill emailing u to let u know that i am 100 percent ready to start my life afresh with a single man like u. Please if u feel all i said makes sense to u, kindly email me directly at: and i will reply u back with photos and more info about myself and my personality.
I am waiting, Vivian

Dating Scammer Letter
We shall get acquainted? My name is Marina. Several years ago has finished institute and after that the adult life, anyway started all so speak. And in an adult life by all means should be the man, with sense of humour and good taste by a life. Very much I love the sea, summer and all new, be it a knickknack, the recipe of a pie or acquaintance. If the knickknack at any time can be bought in shop, and the recipe to subtract in the culinary book to get acquainted with interesting and close to you on spirit the person it is much more difficult. Mine e-mail: Write to me.

Business opportunity Scam Letter from Ghana
I am Alice Ansah and 30 yrs of age. As you can see from my name, I am half American and Ghanaian.Ph(D) in Aeronautic Engineering. I came to Ghana early this year to man a business which was bequothed and willed tome as an inheritance which I am hardly able to manage, due to lack of expertise in that field. In view of this, I am sending out proposals to willing bodies and parties who are interested for partnership or total and outright ownership of the company. The name of the company is Pioneer Jewelry Limited, dealers in gold artifacts both antique and new as well as jewelry in general. All valid and relevant documents pertaining to the ownership of the company by me as an inheritance, Certificate of Commencementof Business, Tax payable deductions to Government(V.A.T.) and letter of recommendation from the High Court of Law, are available to all who are seriuosly interested. Yours' sincerely,
(CEO)Pioneer Jewelry Limited.
Alice Ansah Ph(D)

African Dating Scam Letter
Hello dear new friend,
how are you today i hope that every things is ok with you as is my pleassure to contact you after viewing your profile which really interest me in having communication with you if you will have the desire with me so that we can get to know each other better and see what happened in future. i will be very happy if you can write me through my email for easiest communication and to know all about each other, here is my email: i will be waiting to hear from you as i wish you all the best for your day.
yours new friend.

Typical Spam Letter from alias
Hello my dear friend, I was looking through the web few weeks ago and found your profile. Now I decided to email you to get to know you better. I am coming to your country in few weeks and thought may be we can meet each other. I am pretty looking girl. I am 25. Do not reply to this address directly. Email me back at

Hi, my name is lacey. I found your email on that dating site. I also love sex on the side. I have a loving partner but he is working 16 hours a day and we have sex only once a week :( If you are interested and wanna see my pictures just email me at Don't reply, use the email above (my boyfriend doesn't know about that email!)
Posted on: